About United Liberty

United Liberty is a political action organization whose purpose is to influence conservative parties in Alberta at all levels under liberty-conservative principles.  United Liberty focuses on supporting candidates, creating and influencing policy, and building a strong team of people who support the principles of liberty-conservatism. 


To inspire Albertans by the principles of liberty-conservatism, and to influence conservative political parties through these principles at all levels.  


Our dual short-term objectives are to get a ‘yes’ to unity, and to set the policy agenda by releasing innovative, evolutionary, principled ideas. We will be focused, thoughtful, and embrace the challenge of moving beyond the status quo. Our purpose is to ensure that unity is a process and not a destination; that we unify our shared principles and values which will result in their implementation in government. 

In the medium and long term, United Liberty will support the nomination of liberty-conservative candidates for the party leadership and as nominees for MLAs. 

In the long term, United Liberty will promote liberty-conservative values directly in the grassroots policy process at conventions and through all levels of the party.


In 2015, there were 2 conservative parties (Wildrose and Progressive Conservative) vying for power in Alberta. As a result, the NDP came up the middle in a provincial election and seized power of the province, resulting in record debt, deficit and bloated spending. The two conservative parties entered into talks to unite as one party in order to prevent the NDP from gaining power again.

However, Wildrose MLA (Strathmore-Brooks) Derek Fildebrandt felt strongly that a new party couldn't just be an amalgamation of the two previous parties. He saw that although both parties had significant and individual strengths, both were also dealing with some serious short-comings. A new conservative party would need to be just that: NEW. Most of all, he recognized that it would not be enough to unite just to become government again. A new party would need a strong sense of purpose and to know what they wanted to accomplish when they came into office.

Derek reached out to like minded individuals from across party lines to discuss creating an organization that would focus on supporting the unification of the two parties, and most importantly, work to bring forward policies and candidates that focused on a new kind of conservatism. He called it "liberty-conservatism", and the idea attracted people of all ages, genders and party affiliations to support it.


Liberty-conservatism is the evolution of the conservative movement founded on the principles of liberty, responsibility, fairness, and respect.