FACT CHECK: Jean's Math Doesn't Add Up

Published on July 26, 2017

CALGARY, AB: United Liberty wants the United Conservative Party leadership race to be focused on leadership qualities, values, and policies, but policies must be backed by facts and hard numbers.


Brian Jean has promised to balance the budget in three years by cutting $2.6 billion from unspecified areas of the budget in the first year of his government, but without details beyond the first year Alberta will continue to remain in a deficit position for years to come. Jean’s promise is a start in the right direction, but not a credible plan to balance the budget.


FACT: After 3 years under the Jean plan, Alberta would still run a $5.2 billion deficit.


While Jean promised to cut some taxes, he also provided no numbers costing out the fiscal and economic impact.


United Liberty encourages all candidates to put forward fully costed fiscal plans to accompany any tax, spending, or balanced budget promises.