Fighting for a Genuinely Conservative UCP with REAL Conservative Principles


The successful merger of the Wildrose and PC parties has given conservatives their best chance at reclaiming Alberta from the socialism of the Notley NDP.  

The UCP is a great opportunity for Conservatives--but it also presents major challenges.

There are voices pushing to compromise conservative messages at every turn--arguing that the only way to beat the left, is to lean further and further left ourselves.  To compromise our commitment to fiscal conservatism and personal liberty.

United Liberty was created to fight those voices every step of the way.

We exist to fight for the soul of the new united conservative party--to demand and fight for policies and candidates who refuse to apologize for believing in small government, low taxes, personal freedom, and common sense.

With your support, we will be providing research, training and support for conservative principles and those candidates and spokespeople who defend them.

We love this province too much to sacrifice our children and grandchildren's future to unsustainable campaign promises, pork barrel politics, and short term, win-at-all-cost policies.  

We are committed to being the voice of fiscal discipline and personal liberty every day, at every level in the party.  We will actively mobilize true conservatives to play a leading role in shaping the future of our party and our province.

Please join us and donate today--these first days will be some of the most crucial for the direction of our new party, and every donation helps us to fight for the Alberta our children deserve.




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